Kids Basketball

PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY -- You will be asked if you have read and understood this information upon registering.

  • Registration is October 12 - October 22 (or until capacity is reached)
  • Cost is $75 per child, with a $5 discount for each additional sibling 
  • We will have two co-ed leagues based on AGE as of September 1, 2023:
    • K5-2nd Grade League (Ages 5 – 7 Years 11 Months) 
    • 3rd Grade – 6th Grade League (Ages 8 – 11 Years 11 Months)
  • Player Evaluations will be October 24 and October 26 from 6:00-8:00pm
  • Practices are November 2 and November 9
  • Games begin November 16, and will be played on Thursday Nights
  • Season is scheduled to last through January 11, with the championship game on January 18, and banquet the week of January 25 (TBA)
  • We will follow MCPSS calendar for holidays
  • If you have questions after reading the below in its entirety, please email

Orchard Sports Kids Basketball Information - 2023

It is the mission of Orchard Sports to offer Christ-centered character building, self-esteem, skill enhancing instruction, and spiritual nurturing to children and families of our church and community through our Sports program. As a sports program, we will always strive to increase skill development, game strategy, game rules, and enjoyment of sports. It is our hope that sports can be Christ-like and competitive with an emphasis on doing one’s best while respecting the coaches, officials, and opponents. We as parents have a difficult job that offers great rewards. We must provide a safe, fun environment for our children to exercise and develop physical skills that will lead to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. We must encourage them positively with love and always remember that the most important thing to them is to have FUN.

We are a Developmental League which has certain rules that demand that our focus is not on winning games. Our program is designed to teach sports in a safe way in which each child is given an opportunity to learn skills, increase their knowledge of the game, gain self-confidence and enjoy being part of a team. Each coach is required to focus attention on all players.
League Player Game Rotations are put in place to make sure all players play an equal amount of time, start and finish games and receive an equal amount of time and attention from the coach. This means that coaches are restricted from adjusting the league required player game rotation. There may be a game where normally when behind in score, a coach could put all of the better skilled players in to increase their chance to win. But because of the rotation rule, it is not their turn to finish the game. This can be hard for some players and parents to understand.

Winning is good, but our purpose is to develop each player. This means that Orchard Sports may not be for everyone. Some parents and players would enjoy a more aggressive league where the main focus is winning as many games as possible or having as much playing time as possible. We understand that. We are developing sportsmanship and spiritual values more so than indulging an instinct to win. We want them to learn to win and lose gracefully. Due to this being a developmental program, this league is not beneficial for higher level experienced players and based on evaluations, those participants may not be able to participate in the league. While playing in a developmental league may keep them active in their sport, it can diminish their skills they’ve already developed. It is much more beneficial to those players to continue with higher level playing leagues. We are here to encourage the development of players in the beginning of their skill learning.

League Positive Affirmation Rules:
This program is built by the hard work of many people who are volunteering their time. All of our coaches are VOLUNTEERS. This means they are ready, willing, and able to give their gift of time serving to you and your child. Coaches, assistant coaches, team moms, officials and other volunteers are what make this league possible. These people work hard to ensure that all of the children who participate will experience God’s love, peace and understanding.

Remember that Orchard Sports is a positive environment. We do not permit parents to speak harshly to their own children, other children or parents. We do not permit arguing with a referee or umpires. Coaches must never use negative comments to players, other coaches or officials. Please keep this in mind if you invite a guest to our campus and make sure they know our rules. We want our players to hear only cheers and see lots of smiles. These rules are in place to ensure that our focus is on what is best for our children. Children want to have fun and play the game. If you witness someone that you feel is not aware of these rules, please bring it to our attention. Please thank them every chance you get. Please review our campus rules below and instruct visitors you bring:

1. Always speak positively toward your child and/or any other player.
2. Always speak positively toward an adult (coach, volunteer or another parent).
3. Please direct any complaints regarding a call made by an official to Dr. Ron Morgan – Orchard Sports Coordinator. Do not approach the official.
4. Please react in an appropriate manner regardless of your child’s performance or team’s performance.

Orchard Sports is volunteer led. This means all of our coaches, team parents, and some officials are volunteers. We cannot form our league without the volunteers and their gift of time. Please consider volunteering to be a head coach, assistant coach, team parent, and also to help officiate.. This is a great chance for you to serve God through this ministry and spend time with your child. We need YOU…Thank you in advance for volunteering!

Our teams are formed by an evaluation process – not “try outs”. Due to the nature of our drafting process in our developmental league, special requests for teammates are not accepted. Siblings in the SAME age group, as well as parent coaches, will be placed on the same team unless otherwise requested.

Parent Expectations:
Parents are expected to be present at all practices and games. You must bring your child to the coach and you may not drop them off and leave. PLEASE SEE THAT ALL TRASH IS PUT INTO A RECEPTACLE!

1. As representatives of Orchard Assembly, your words and actions will be reflective of Christian Values. No foul language at practice or games. Please do not bring alcohol or use tobacco at practices or games.
2. Please use Positive Affirmation toward all players, coaches & referees. Keep negative comments to yourself.
3. Each child, upon signing up for Orchard Sports, has agreed to play and abide by all church and Orchard Sports rules. Any rule/regulation not complied with will be brought to the attention of the Direction of Orchard Sports and will be dealt with accordingly.
4. Once on the roster, each player must notify the coach when unable to play or practice. Please have your child at the game 15 minutes before the start time.

Any player who does not follow the league rules, referee calls, or coaches’ direction may be disciplined by missing an opportunity to play, or may be asked to leave the game and go sit with their parents. Recurring situations will be addressed by Dr. Ron Morgan. Coaches and or Recreation staff will try everything possible to motivate each player before using this rule. The head coach or Recreation staff will first talk to parents of the child, with the child present, to warn them of the possible results of such behavior. If the coaching staff are not getting the proper response from the player, then the matter will be referred to the Director of Sports. This rule is to help control games better, keep children who are not paying attention from getting hurt, and to give coaches the ability to coach the whole team with sportsmanlike attitudes. REMEMEMBER: OUR COACHES ARE VOLUNTEERS.

WAIVERS and RELEASES (these are signed by you on registration form at time of registration):

Liability Waiver
I, the undersigned applicant, parent or guardian of applicant for participation in the athletic program of the Recreation Ministry of Orchard Assembly, Mobile AL. do hereby release and discharge Orchard Assembly, and its authorized agents, servants, employees, volunteers, representatives and staff from all liability of any kind and character which might be asserted on behalf of myself or applicant against said released parties. Furthermore, in the event of an accident if the said staff or representatives are unable to contact the parent(s) or guardian(s), we hereby grant permission to said staff or representatives to administer necessary first aid, and/or take applicant to the nearest medical facility for additional treatment.

Multi-Media Release
By signing your child up to participate in this sport you agree to give Orchard Assembly permission to use photos of my child in publications, advertisements or video records approved by OAG as related to this recreational activity. This acknowledges that your child’s picture might be used in these publications.

All participants in Orchard Sports, including any player, parent, or spectators in your company, must comply with the COVID-19 guidelines. Please affirm that all of the following are true prior to each attendance of practices, games, or any special event on Orchard campus:
· I/We have not been in close contact with anyone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19.
· I/We will not come onto the Orchard Campus if I am experiencing cough, shortness of breath, sore throat or other related COVID-19 symptoms within the last 48 hours.
· I/We do not have a fever nor have I had a fever in the last 48 hours.
· I/We will practice social distancing while on Orchard campus.
· I/We understand that interaction with people not in my household increases the risk of transmission of COVID-19.
· I/We will do all we can to limit the exposure by following the guidance of the church as well as the governmental recommendations prescribed in the “Safer at Home” order.
· I have read and accept and will follow the GUIDELINES FOR ADULT AND YOUTH ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES from the Alabama Public Health Department.

No Player is allowed to wear jewelry to practice or games. No rings, bracelets, necklace or EAR RINGS.

Parking and SECURITY:
Please DO NOT park on the grass on either side of the road. You are advised to please park in the paved parking lot. ALWAYS watch for others crossing the road from one parking lot to the next. Children have been known to “dart” across – please be careful!

DO NOT LEAVE ANY VALUABLES IN YOUR VEHICLES!!! Church parking lots are assumed to be “trusted” area - that is taken for granted. Please do not leave your valuables in sight!!